Technically, how does the Publishing process work?

Simple. We take a digital product and put it up on a website of it’s own. We create loop strategies through digital marketing and direct response marketing, so people can try a sample of the product, and buy it because they like what they try. In this process, we get their contact details, and build a list for that product, so to establish a relationship with the client, and re-market associated products.
It raises your customer lifetime value because it raises the chances of customers buying from you again.
That’s an intelligent use of traffic and resources, we know… but here comes the even better part. The marketplace where the product is set up and transacted, has thousands of affiliates which can help promote the product and gain a commission for every product they sell. So this is like having thousands of salesmen directing quality traffic into the loop on the product website, and selling your product to potential customers all over the world.

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