What is The 60 Day Action Challenge?

The 60 Day Action Challenge is an additional coaching feature for students of The Quantum Combination, which is designed to help you maintain a rhythmical balance between learning and taking action with the knowledge that you acquire in the program, so to give you ongoing support for 2 months.

The Book for the 60 Day Action Challenge contains 60 pages: 1 for each day, and contains simple instructions for you to follow, which refer to exercises from the program, and also some new features that you can apply in your day to day.

When purchasing The Quantum Combination, the book is provided to you in PDF format within the downloadable files in your Member’s Area, and ready to be printed in black and white on any printer (or local printer).

With the digital version and the physical version of The Quantum Combination, we do not provide a printed copy of the Book for the 60 Day Action Challenge.

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