How can I ask for a refund?

We’re so sorry to hear you may want a refund for one of our products. Our support team are happy to help you get through any issues you may be experiencing with our products. Buy if there’s absolutely nothing we can do to help, our support team will also help […]

What is Briva Publishing?

Briva Publishing is an evolving content publishing project by Briva, which enables and supports authors and content creators to expand their work digitally, across the globe. We publish and market digital products, programs and events on global online platforms by using high-performing strategies, allied to tailor-made technology for each of […]

What is The 60 Day Action Challenge?

The 60 Day Action Challenge is an additional coaching feature for students of The Quantum Combination, which is designed to help you maintain a rhythmical balance between learning and taking action with the knowledge that you acquire in the program, so to give you ongoing support for 2 months. The […]